Cape Cod SafeLawns & Landscapes

    About Cape Cod SafeLawns
Started in 2007, owners Finbarr and Mary Phelan decided to radically change their management of landscaped land that was placed under their stewardship. "I had pioneered and successfully built up a landscape contracting company for the last twenty five years, and had made the decision to end our reliance and use of chemicals and pesticides to manage the land. We traveled, educated ourselves, researched, and met with the best people that we could find in the business of organic land care. We no longer wanted our customers, our staff, and ourselves to be exposed to the risks and effects of pesticides on lawns. We had become extremely concerned about the environment of beautiful Cape Cod, the place we called home. Teaming up with the work of the renowned Dr. Elaine Ingham and long time organic land care specialist Todd Harrington, we learned how to use the latest soil biology, chemistry, and ecology to create an exact scientific approach to organic lawn care. Thus, Cape Cod SafeLawns was born.